Outreach Powered by Data

AMS Outreach is connected to AMS’s real-time data stream. As customers take action on any of the AMS products, their actions are logged and can be used to setup real-time, user-driven outreach.

Dynamic Audiences

Leverage real-time data to curate constantly changing groups of customers that move in and out of the target audience as they meet (or fail to meet) the defined criteria.

Behavioral Triggers

Interact with your customers in a relevant, timely manner by using defined customer actions as triggers for your outreach campaigns.

Personalized Outreach

Don’t speak at your customers—talk with them! Personalize everything about your messaging, including time, channel and device based on what you’ve learned about the individual.

If This, Then That (IFTTT) Campaign Builders

Use IFTTT logic to build and scale complex outreach, creating a truly customer-centered experience.

Automated Sequences

Work smarter, not harder. With outreach automation, you will alleviate the manual burden that comes with maintaining thousands of customer relationships!

Additional AMS Outreach Features

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