The Administrative Interface

Manage every aspect of your licensing strategy through the Administrative Interface. Here you can monitor customer accounts, manage customer relationships and projects, and set user roles and permissions so that sales agents and customers only have the abilities that you choose.

The Internet Sales Interface

The Internet Sales Interface allows your customers to update their own information, purchase licenses, merchandise, and online courses, reprint licenses, and so much more. This frees up administrative time so that you can focus on other tasks.

The Agent Sales Interface

Through the secure, web-based Agent Sales Interface, agents can run the system on any modern browser. That means it can work with your existing hardware. Or, if you require it, you can obtain a compact and powerful Point-of-Sale solution for your agents. Since all three interfaces are connected, your sales agents have real-time account data and product offerings at their fingertips, which means more opportunities to upsell.

AMS Licensing Features and Functions

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