You never have to stress out over an in-person event ever again. With AMS Events, agency administrators, instructors, and students all benefit from the suite of tools that are available to them. As a result, everyone saves time—especially when it comes to customer support.

For the Agency

Through AMS Events’ secure application, you can manage in-person events with confidence and ease. Monitor and approve instructor hours, share event details with students, and run reports using student and instructor data. This detailed, step-by-step reporting process is FWS-approved and allows for daily hour reporting, self-service signature recording, and multi-level approvals.

In the end, you spend less time running around looking for information, as every bit of information you need is available to you through AMS Events.

For the Instructors

Agency administrators aren’t the only ones who benefit from AMS Events. Instructors can customize and manage event details, upload files, perform assessments, run attendance, grade and communicate directly with their students, and so much more.

As a result, there is less of an administrative burden, and instructors have greater control over their events. To ensure standards are met, instructors are required to submit reports to support federal funding.

For the Students

Since the instructors set up and manage their events, the student no longer has to go through the agency administrator to get important, time-sensitive information. This means students can quickly find and register for events to complete their certifications while establishing a more direct relationship with their instructor.


Create a flawless onboarding process for both you and your volunteers. With seamless integration with AMS Outreach, this self-service volunteer management product gives you more control over the qualification process than ever before. Consequently, volunteers are provided with more insight into their application process.

For the Agency

Find qualified volunteers with ease with the configurable application and onboarding process. Manage the application process by setting security checks and role-limited access to certain features and functions, and set requirements such as medical history, references, emergency contact information, and more, preventing incomplete submissions. From there, you can track the progress of an application to ensure qualifications are met. Once your standards are met, you will be notified that the volunteer is available for their event.

For the Volunteers

Whether they’re a one-time user or an experienced volunteer, users can conveniently find and register for various opportunities set by you—the administrator. Since application progress is always tracked, neither you nor the volunteer ever has to be concerned about being lost in the process.

Additional Features

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