Have Total Control of Your Data

With AMS Analytics™, you have total control of your data and how you use it.


With system-level security encompassing security features for role-based settings and integration options, you can provide access to users only to the extent that they need to complete their jobs.


Connect to any of your data sources from other applications, databases, and files. This means wherever your data comes from, you can combine your data sources for a clean, unified view of your agency, customers, and operations.


Don’t have a headache importing file after file of data. Our data and analytics department will cleanse your data for error-free, ready-for-review data.


You can quickly view and use your data in a way that makes sense. Our team will map out and manage all of your data sources, relationships, and enrichment steps, transforming everything into an accurate, clean data model.


Stop wasting your time searching through countless programs and applications for your data. AMS Analytics™ centralizes and syncs data from any source, which finally makes data management convenient.

Perform a Deeper Analysis

Analyzing agency data has never been more accessible. An intuitive, fully interactive, ad hoc reporting interface allows any team member to access and explore the data they need, regardless of technical expertise.

Create Anything with Custom Dashboards

Create unlimited reports and dashboards to surface new and exciting insights. The custom dashboard builder turns data into actionable intelligence in a matter of minutes.

Dashboard Design

Select your preferred colors, labels, number formats, and layouts. Using an easy drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly readjust your visualizations on your dashboard.


Choose from a comprehensive selection of easy-to-understand data visualizations that best represent your data.

Filters and Drilldowns

Target the data that matters by applying filters and segments to your data. Drill down into your data with interactive visualizations for deeper analysis.

Collaborate and Share

Now it’s easy to collaborate! Each user has their own access rights, and users can set their own notification settings so that they get updated when needed. If you don’t have a connection, offline access is made available for dashboards and visualizations.


Consume insights on the go using a mobile or tablet device whenever and wherever they happen.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Create reports on the fly with the easy to use drag-and-drop report builder available in AMS Analytics™. The best part is that there is no hard coding required!

Advanced Analytics

Go above and beyond with Advanced Analytics. Access a library of statistical and predictive techniques and models to move from descriptive to prescriptive!

Custom Formulas

Create and save new data values on the fly with rich functions such as custom formulas for in-depth analysis of your business.

Leverage Machine Learning

Get even more value from your data using the AI and machine learning features of AMS Analytics™.

Data Anomaly Detection

AMS Analytics™ automatically learns what is normal behavior for your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and will alert you when something out of the ordinary is detected.

Instant Insights

Deep insights that were previously unknown, hidden, or unreachable for your agency are now delivered to your inbox!

Empower End Users with New Insights

Compute thousands of complex calculations and present the results in everyday language. Regardless of technical expertise, users can now execute higher-level analysis and dig up game-changing results.

Make an Impact

Put your data to work using automation, integrations, and write-back functionality.

Alerts & Notifications

Define your preferences to receive and automate alerts on your most important KPIs with help from advanced machine learning anomaly detection.

Automation Integration & Writeback

Automate custom workflows to maximize agency performance using if-this-then-that recipes or leverage our broad set of REST webhooks to allow you to writeback data into your systems.

Try AMS for Yourself

If you’re a government or state agency, then you can request a demo of our AMS platform. Simply fill out the form and we will get you started.

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