Life at Kalkomey

Not all of our decisions are driven by data. We’re also very casual, and we know how to treat each other right.

People First

We make life at Kalkomey as enjoyable for our employees as possible. Work-from-home flexibility and generous PTO days are just a couple of ways we make it easier for our employees to find that perfect work–life balance.

Awesome Activities

We love educating others about outdoor recreation activities, but we also love enjoying these activities first-hand. That is why it is not uncommon for us to get outside as a team and put our education to the test.

We’re always looking for great talent. Browse our latest job postings to see what positions are available in our Dallas office.

Our Leadership Team

Meet the individuals who are responsible for leading our team
and growing our courses and company initiatives.

Blake Clark

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Bellovin

Chief Growth Officer

Greg Gulliver
Greg Gulliver

SVP of Agency Relations

Janet Peterson
Janet Petersen

SVP of Finance

Sam Baber

SVP of People Ops

Melody Niese
Melody Niese

SVP of Customer Experience

Rogelio J. Samour

Head of Engineering

Our Departments

Account Management

The Account Management department communicates with external contacts, such as government agencies and organizations, and internal teams. Their expertise in communication is essential for delivering a flawless experience.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance department works with all areas of the company. It is key to delivering products and services that both meet the needs of the customer and are at the highest quality possible, achieved by rigorous testing and end-to-end quality management.


The Marketing department is responsible for establishing long-lasting relationships with our customers and mapping new routes to revenue. As a team full of parseltongues, this department is highly data-driven and uses an agile marketing methodology to create continuous customer value.

Software Development

From innovation to maintenance, there is no department more heavily relied on than the Software Development. It is this department that maintains the successful operation of our AMS services and courses.

Media and Design

When it comes to education, user experience is of the utmost importance. Our Media and Design team is well versed in this area to produce course materials that users will enjoy learning from.

Customer Service

With more than 360 courses, there are bound to be some questions. Fortunately, our Customer Service department does an incredible job at answering phone calls and managing email inquiries so that the users can enjoy the outdoors.

Content and Editorial

Our goal is to save lives by imparting our experience and knowledge of outdoor recreational safety. The Content and Editorial department ensures that the information is easily understood, accurate, and up to date.

Product Management

Our product managers are responsible for the definition and development of products for the organization. They ensure our products and services have incredible design, the right feature set, and provide excellent value that exceeds our customers’ needs.

Our History

We’ve been around since 1995, and since then, we’ve done some pretty remarkable things.

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