What We Do


We focus on the quality of students’ experience with our printed student manuals and handbooks, online courses, ebooks, and live-action videos.

Our highly collaborative content, user-experience design, and development teams are dedicated to ensuring we create accurate and user-friendly products for agencies and students.

Online Courses

Our online courses have helped millions meet safety education requirements across North America.

Our agency-approved online courses work on any screen size or web-enabled device and include boat-ed.com, bowhunter-ed.com, hunter-ed.com, offroad-ed.com, and snowmobile-ed.com.

Print Products

We develop, design, print, and deliver more than 800 different publications for safety certifications and recreation information.

Our publications include student manuals and exams; instructor guides; and handbooks on fish and wildlife identification, outdoor safety, and laws and regulations. Tell us how we can help you.


Our eBooks work on all popular electronic devices and provide convenient access to information ranging from wildlife identification to boating laws and handgun safety.

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Also available at Apple and Barnes & Noble.

Videos & DVDs

Kalkomey courses are supported by our stunning instructional videos for hunting, boating, bowhunting, and off-road vehicle and snowmobile operation.

To preview the video series or embed them on your site, visit the Boat Ed or Hunter Ed video collection.

Application Development:

We’ve created a suite of products for student records and data management and we’re proactive in developing custom applications that agencies need.

Agencies can choose to use the entire data management suite or pick individual services to suit their needs.

Certification Manager

Certification Manager gives agency staff the power to search, edit, and report on certification data—in the office or in the field.

This immediate access to data helps agencies quickly verify and issue certifications. Contact Mitch Strobl to schedule a demonstration.

Card Printing

We partner with agencies to provide certification card support for our educational safety students.

Agencies with a Kalkomey online course or subscription to Certification Manager can use Kalkomey as their card printer, card vendor, replacement card provider, and fulfillment partner.

Event Manager

Event Manager enables agencies to manage their field day educational events online, from start to finish.

With Event Manager, administrators and instructors can schedule their outdoor education classroom courses and field days, and with our Register Ed site students can enjoy the convenience of online registration.

I Lost My Card

When agencies partner with Kalkomey, their students can use ILostMyCard.com to order their own certification card replacements.

This saves agencies the time and expense of taking those replacement requests directly. And we provide fulfillment!

Customer Support:

Supporting our students is a primary feature of our multi-layered service approach.

Professionals like Aide, Laura, Cecilia, Heidi, Bill, Liz, Diana, and Lilibeth are here to help you seven days a week.

Student Support

Students with questions or concerns with their tests or certifications can contact our stellar support team directly by phone, by on-page web chat (without ever leaving the course), or by email.

Our students are spread across six time zones so our support team makes an extra effort. We provide support through all channels Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to midnight CST and Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST. 1-800-830-2268 (toll-free) or 214-351-0461 or [email protected]

Continual Feedback Loops

Our development and design teams get ongoing insight into day-to-day support issues and trends, and our support team is continually briefed on product and system updates.

The result of these continual feedback loops is that our product teams can respond to practical issues as they arise, and our support team’s expertise is continually enhanced.

“Company culture is crucial. We want to create and foster a family atmosphere with our employees to bring out the best in everyone.”
Jason Alexander, Chief Executive Officer

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