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Sept. 21, 2011
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Upgrades to Maryland's online hunter safety course help students learn to be safe and successful

DALLAS — New features have been added to Maryland's online hunter safety course that will provide students with a high-quality educational experience that is easy and fun. One feature that remains the same is students can study for free at, paying only when they pass their hunter certification exam.

The new version of offers an optional narration feature that allows students to listen, read or both. Exam questions also are read out loud and include illustrations to help students recall what they've learned. 

In addition, Maryland's online hunter safety course is designed to engage students with a combination of short text blocks and detailed illustrations and animations. Using this mix of teaching methods helps students quickly grasp course concepts, rather than get bogged down reading long pages of text. Plus, they can study the material at at their convenience.

"The best start to continue family traditions of safe hunting is to make sure that young people get a good foundation with a quality hunter safety program," said Lieutenant Joe Offer, Commander of the Natural Resource Police Training and Education Unit."Maryland is committed to providing safe hunting experiences for the public. A good hunter safety course goes a long way to ensure we are successful."

Students who must receive their hunter education certification to obtain a hunting license pay a one-time fee of $15, which is due only if they pass the test. Students can take the test as many times as they need to pass it. To complete the hunter education requirements for Maryland, you must pass both the online and field day portions of the hunter education safety course. Field day options are limited, so students are encouraged to ensure a field day is offered in their area before taking the online exam. For more information and to register for a field day, visit

To purchase a Maryland hunting license or to hunt in Maryland, state law requires presentation of a certificate of competency in firearms and hunter safety (required for junior licensees) or certification that you held a hunting license issued prior to July 1, 1977. Students who take the course at learn the same material that is presented in the classroom course, which includes:
   • Hunter responsibility
   • Firearms and ammunition
   • Firearm handling and safety
   • Marksmanship and shooting fundamentals
   • Principles of wildlife management
   • Bowhunting
   • Muzzleloader hunting
   • Tree stand safety
   • Safety and first aid
   • Water safety
   • Maryland legal requirements has been reviewed and approved by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. To take this course, visit

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