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July 28, 2011
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NASBLA appoints Cindy Kalkomey of to National Education Standards Panel
DALLAS — Cindy Kalkomey of Boat Ed® has been appointed to the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators' new National Education Standards Panel. The 15-member panel, which represents state, federal, nonprofit, commercial and public stakeholder interests, will begin work this year to review national boating education standards.
Kalkomey, co-founder of multi-media publishing and education company Kalkomey Enterprises, played a leading role in developing the managed online course. NASBLA and Transport Canada have adopted this type of course as their online delivery standard. Kalkomey Enterprises, parent company of Boat Ed and, provides classroom and/or online education courses for 48 states.
"I have been a boater all my life and appreciate how boating enriches the bonds I have with family and friends," Kalkomey said. "So others can experience the fun of boating, I look forward to working on education standards to ensure certified boaters have learned how to stay safe and legal."  
Boat Ed joined NASBLA as an associate member in 1998. Kalkomey has actively served on NASBLA's education committee for 10 years. That experience, combined with a Ph.D. in statistics and a professional career centered on looking at data objectively to draw conclusions, will be a valuable asset in the panel's work.
The panel will review, develop and revise the national boating education standards using open, consensus-based procedures that conform to the American National Standards Institute's essential requirements for due process. Panel appointees will be trained on ANSI-based procedures, which include prompt consideration of different views and objections, consensus balloting, a public review of standards drafts, and the opportunity for procedural appeals.
The panel will review the national boating education standards every five years beginning in 2011 with the most current standards forming the basis for the first review. An initial "call for proposed revisions" to the standards will be announced after the panel organizes its work. The NASBLA website will provide instructions for submitting proposed revisions, the standards documents up for review, and other resources.
Other members appointed to the panel to represent state interests are Anthony Cardoza (N.H.), Ed Huntsman (Ariz.), Jeff Johnson (Alaska), MariAnn Koloszar (Ore.), and Betsy Woods (Tenn.) The members appointed to represent federal boating agency interests are John Malatak (USCG) and Robin Freeman (USCG-Aux). In addition to Kalkomey of Boat Ed, Kerry Moher (BoaterExam) was appointed to represent commercial interests. The members appointed to the panel to represent nonprofit interests are John Adey (ABYC), Joe Gatfield (Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons), and Terry Leitz (NMMA). Those members appointed to represent the public interests are Pam Dillon, Joseph Connolly II and Bob Sweet (USPS).
To learn more about the National Education Standards Panel, its rules, and the appointees, please visit (
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